So what’s with the name “International Cycling” you might ask?  Well, the story is simple. International Cycling was founded in 1995 to produce cycling events and manage cycling teams.  The cycling team portion of our business is no longer going, but the cycling event services never stopped.

In 2009, International Cycling expanded services (hence the “and Events Services”) to include equipment rentals when we decided that there was a need in the North East for a crowd control fence provider that understood the bike, run, walk industry that could service events with a high level of professionalism at a competitive rate.  Since no event is complete with just crowd control fence, we also added custom start/finish truss systems and a bunch of other related equipment to our rental stock.

These days, International Cycling and Event Services produces bike races and rents equipment to any event that needs that requires a high level of professional service.  You’ll find our fence and other equipment at bike races, marathons, parades, 5k ‘s, concerts, festivals, and a mix of other interesting events that have crowds that need controlling, signage that needs a place to hang, and roads that need to be closed.

With all the talk about rental equipment here, we wouldn’t want you to forget about our bike races.  Check out the Races page for a list of our events.  We have everything from circuit races and criteriums, to cyclocross and gravel grinders.