We are hiring. Based in beautiful Plymouth MA.

In addition to these salaried positions, we are always looking for casual labor to

fill in on the busiest weekends. Day rate starts at $200/day.

Email adam@intlcycling.com for more info.

**** We are now offering HEALTH and DENTAL (80/20%) to YEAR ROUND STAFF****

We are hiring for Year Round Salaried Staff, Seasonal Salaried Staff, and Freelance Event Staff. Please see the links above for details of each position.

Most of the work is setting up crowd control fence and related equipment for bike races, marathons, triathlons, parades, and similar

Our crowd control fence panels are 32 pounds. We aim to setup 100-200 fence panels per staff, per job. Most of the crew grab two panels at a time. For most jobs, the hard work is over in 1-2 hours for the setup and 1-2 hours for the break down. A fair amount of time is spent driving to/from the jobs and waiting to do the break down. We work in the rain or shine.

It’s most typical that we setup in the morning and break down in the afternoon. But since we are talking about special events, things can vary a lot. It’s much more common that we have to be up early than be out really late. There are a handful of days throughout the season where we are even up at 2am. Some jobs make for long days, where we work a few hours early in the morning, then sit around until the afternoon, break down, then drive home. Some jobs, we go to the site the day before, set up for a couple hours, then go back the next day to pick up. Less often, we have a job that requires us to spend a full day working on the setup.

Most events that we service happen on Saturday or Sunday. A typical week would be Thursday- Sunday. We load up on Thursday or Friday at our warehouse in Plymouth, MA. There are only a couple of weeks throughout our season where we are setting up or working Monday-Wednesday.

Sometimes. We do most of our events in the Northeast but will gladly travel anywhere that will pay us. Many times, we stay overnight if the job is more than a few hours away from our shop or if we have to be on site really early or late. We always try our best to stay in decent hotels. We’re not interested in saving a couple bucks on crappy lodging.

March 1st-December 20th in most years.

After taking a couple weeks off at the end of December and early January, we typically just work a couple days a week. We fix our gear in the off season and get prepared for the next one. During the off season, we take plenty of paid time off.

The biggest job requirements are that you’ve been vaccinated for Covid-19 and are legally eligible to work in the USA.

It's helpful if you are good at understanding maps.

For salaried positions, we are looking for people who are willing to drive the fence trucks. These trucks are similar in size to a big box truck and may or may not have a trailer attached. Drivers have to get a DOT Medical card (it’s just a certified physical). We can train you on how to drive with trailer. Even better is if you have or would like to get a Class A CDL. The company will pay for training and testing. It’s not as hard as you might think if you are already a competent driver. We aim to be safe on the road and on the job site.

People who enjoy a little bit of physical labor and like doing something that is a little bit different than most lines of work tend to enjoy it the most.

One thing about the event business is that the job doesn’t wait. We have to be ready to go when our customer says we need to be ready to go. There’s no ability to delay the work until the next day. If one of our crew is having a slow day, we pick up the slack for them, but we hope that all of the staff understands how important the schedule is and how important each person on the staff is to the success of each job.

We try to be as flexible as possible and hope that anyone working with us can do the same. It is rare that we have two work weeks during the season that are the same. We do our best to plan ahead, and much of the schedule is sorted out weeks in advance, but sometimes jobs pop up at the last minute and we do our best to provide service to them.

We are always on the lookout for new staff. The reason for our current search is because of the pandemic. When the world shut down for covid, our 2020 event season became nonexistent. Before the shut down we had five people on our regular staff. Two of them had to find other work. One person left for a job at a cannabis factory. This field is a passion of theirs and the opportunity to work in the field was good. The other person who left lives an hour away from our shop and had a baby on the way. That situation is pretty self-explanatory. They still work with us on the weekends when it’s busy.

We would be more than happy to give you references from our current and former staff. No one who has worked with us has left on bad terms. I don’t think we could dig up anyone who would say that we are a bad group to work with.

People who benefit from a super regulated schedule are not a good fit for this job. It’s also not going to be the type of job where you are sitting behind a desk. If you don't handle physical labor well, you wouldn't want to do this.

The general management is done by the company owners. The owners are also out on the jobs working like everyone else. We don’t yell at, scream at, or belittle anyone working with us. It has always been company policy that we work together. You work WITH the owners, not FOR the owners. If another employee is running the crew for us, we expect the same from them. We have all worked for terrible people in the past and we don’t want it to be like that here. We won’t take advantage of people working with us and expect the same in return. Everyone is a responsible adult and receives any support they need to do the job safely and effectively. We are a proponent of pacing the work appropriately and tend toward over staffing a job when ever possible. No one wants to be burnt out at the end of the year.

We try to be as flexible as we can be. For Year Round Salaried staff, Monday-Wednesday is the typical time off during the week. If we have an in-season weekend with no events booked, we usually just take it off. We also doing work at the shop if there is nothing in particular to do. We'd rather be rested and happy whenever we can be. In a typical year, the busiest time of the season is September – November.

The off season is December 20th-March 1st. (We don’t typically work on the weekends during the off season.) We also take around four weeks completely off around New Years.

For Seasonal Salaried staff, we only work Friday-Sunday and have December 20th-March 1st off completely.

The company pays for meals when we’re out on the road, DOT medical cards, CDL training, work gloves, rain gear, and other specialty stuff like that. We want everyone to have the tools they need to do the work safely and securely. We also want everyone to eat well and be happy.

Aside from what has been mentioned, there’s not really any catch. We run a good crew and good equipment. We get to travel around and see different towns and see new things. Most of our customers are nice people who appreciate the work we do. The pay is good for the number of hours worked. The early hours can be a drag sometimes, but it’s not so often that it wrecks things. Most of the time when we have an overnight job you would have to share a room with another crew member. (People typically get a solo room when they are new, so they don’t have to room with a stranger.)

Just to mention it again, almost all of the jobs are on the weekend. This job doesn’t work well for someone who wants to have Friday-Sunday off.

It's is physical labor. Some people don't like physical labor and that is fine. You would not like this job.

What really can make this job shine is if one of your good friends also wants in. You get to travel around and hang out with someone you know. It's a little bit like a mini-working vacation for a lot of our jobs when you are hanging out with friends. Our 2015-2019 crew has some great stories to tell and great memories to share. Many a fun times can be had in some great places around the Northeast!